Why Learning to Drive with Two Feet is Imperative


Think I’m a little goofy?

GOOD. It’s actually metaphor, but before we get there think about this for a moment. You’re in the cockpit of the sports car of your dreams.  A sleek, sexy, red, engineered speed machine with a full tank of gas and only you in the driver seat. Complete freedom is at your fingertips and feet.

But here is the problem. Actually it’s likely one of two problems.  One, you can’t get the car out of “P” (for park) because your foot is firmly planted on the brake. Or two, you stomp on the gas so hard and never let go resulting in the immediate crash of your adrenaline chariot.

What do you do now?


Had enough of the metaphor yet? For me personally the car is my brain (my idea and execution engine). The challenge for me (and maybe you) is keeping the engine revving at an efficient enough RPM to keep the wheels a turning, while being in control enough to react to the changes life throws at us.

The specific reason I relate the metaphor to driving with two feet is because at equal points in our day we may have to use both feet to drive at the same time.

One foot (the brake)– to slow down or stop. Continue asking questions, and dig deeper into a solution so it doesn’t spiral out of control producing too much speed crash before the idea can mature. Or quite frankly to punt on an idea and not waste the fuel on unneeded acceleration.

The other foot (the gas) – to speed up. Activity, energy, passion, relentless pursuit of goals, and inspiration.  All great things to use the accelerator pedal for.  Sometimes massive acceleration is needed to gain the momentum needed to see progress begin.

Either way, neither action is final and at multiple points throughout the day you’ll be using both feet to keep your momentum moving in a positive direction.  What I do recommend is not applying max pressure to the brake and the gas at the same time. This will cause paralysis, exhaustion, and (continuing with the metaphor) an empty tank.

This is my challenge every single day. My mind races and I’m in need of both pedals all day long. I’ve come to realize I thrive in this scenario. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that I’ve been able to rationalize and simplify the available next steps, they don’t feel so paralyzing.

Either choose the gas or the brake.  Choosing neither is the worst decision and as the decision is out of your control.

ACTION ITEM:  Do what’s needed to maintain momentum and make progress.  Even small progress is progress in the right direction.

Would You Rather Be A Guru Or A Proven Learner?

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 8.50.02 AM

The word guru carries less weight in my mind than ever before.  When I hear someone labeled as a guru my spine shivers and I immediately put my guard up.  Maybe this is because the word is one of the most overused words in our vocabulary.

So what worries me so much about the word guru?

I believe many using this word use it to either: describe themselves in a higher being, or describe someone on their team (sort of inside baseball) to make them seem smarter than they really are.

The word “guru” also states to me the person has already figured something out with their jedi-like mind tricks.  Guru is supposed to reflect a teacher, and today I feel like the term is often misused as “already figured it out intelligence.”

Here is the challenge I see with this.

The world we live in is moving and evolving so fast.  I don’t need a guru, I need more learners who can adapt quickly.  I need to surround myself with people who can evolve, and reverse engineer plans and strategies for success.  The really talented people of the next 10 years will adapt and evolve to be successful in multiple endeavors because of their learning style.

I don’t need people who’ve already figured it out with their labels and you don’t either.  They can stay stuck in the rut of what they already know and their “guru-ism” of a topic. This leads to death of teams, brands, and businesses.

I need people willing and not afraid to tackle new challenges, new strategies, and create new problems.  I need a learning mindset flexible to the challenges of the future.  These people will continue to grow their minds, experiences, and new opportunities will continue to present themselves to these individuals.


ACTION ITEM: You have to commit to a life of learning.  If you want to be a guru, please be a guru of 19th century history because it will never change.

The Power of Kind Words

Thank you!

Thank you to my readers.  To those who share, those who ponder, and those who challenge the ideas shared on this blog.  To those who challenge me to create and curate better content.  To the special one (my wonderful wife) who proof reads almost every post…unless I get in a hurry (which happens from time to time).

The link to the video above I just created for this specific post.  You can also find it on YouTube titled: “A Keen Reflection” on my YouTube Channel (Zac Keeney YouTube Channel)

Thank you!

I couldn’t leave this post without sharing a few heartfelt points of encouragement I’ve received from different readers so far.  Each email I received was unsolicited and fills my heart with devotion and dedication to keep moving the needle:

#1- Great article here and I can relate to #3 on your list below.  For me it’s all about effort and the ambition to get better/succeed which also comes with being paranoid on whether or not there is something else I should/could be doing.  I think that paranoia has pushed me to greater limits and hopefully can get me to where I want to be in the future.  Keep up the good work here buddy, hope all is well!

FYI – I keep almost all of your posts so I can go back through them and make sure my head is in the right place (Post reader is referring to is The Beauty in Paranoia). 

#2 – I think you’re doing a great job with it Zac. Keep up the great work. I actually have your page saved under a folder on my phone entitled “growth”. It also has Entreprenuer and YouVerse (bible) apps.

#3 – Zac, 

Good morning!  I just wanted to say that I always get a spark from your blogs and our exchanges of ideas. Keep up the good work. You are truly an inspiration!

To your success!

I will leave you with this motivational quote from Henry Ford as I consider getting better, growth, and what’s next to come.
“None of our men are ‘experts’. We have most unfortunately found it necessary to get rid of a man as soon as he thinks himself an expert because no one ever considers himself an expert if he really knows his job . . . Thinking always ahead, thinking always of trying to do more, brings a state of mind in which nothing is impossible.” ~Henry Ford
ACTION ITEM: Tell someone “thank you” in the next 48 hours for work they may not know impacts your life.  It’s done wonders for me and I can’t thank those above enough for their generosity and feedback.

Let Me Tell You Why I Suck

Who hasn’t seen the iconic film Tommy Boy?

If you have, you’ll remember Tommy’s line, “Let me tell you why I suck,” as he explains his inadequate sales approach to a waitress while attempting to order some chicken wings.

While I’m not one to jump on the negative bus and complain about why I’m not getting what I think I deserve, I think there is something extremely valuable about the exercise of understanding specifically what we are not.  I believe it is a life saver!!

I’m a HUGE Gary Vaynerchuk fan.  Gary says in his book: Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion we must understand how to cash in on our passions.  In one of Gary’s hundreds of YouTube videos he also preaches we learn to know what we ARE NOT.  He claims (and I believe him)to only be good at a few things and leaves the rest to the talents of others.


  1. Interviewer: I’ve learned I’m not a great interviewer.  It’s not that I can’t ask questions, or I can’t listen to people.  My challenge is I end up selling them on how great an opportunity I believe is in front of them and challenging them to take it.  I rarely interview a new candidate on a 1st interview.  I’ve yet to meet the person who is a great interviewer, or talent fox, but I’m not losing sleep over this one anymore.
  2. Dictator Leadership: I’m not a manager in a way of dictating activity or action.  I have zero interest in hovering over someone like a child to ensure they do something 50 times in a day.  Some managers get things done this way.  I will never be this guy.  If you are this guy, don’t fight it.  Embrace your style, just be fair doing it.
  3. The Details: BORING!  I don’t have a lot of interest in specifically how work gets done on the extremely minute detail to detail level.  I need to understand the project and see what I’m going to get in the end.  I’m a big thinker.  The more time I spend “in the weeds” of the conversation the less happy I am.
  4. Great at All Things: The competitive, Type A, side of me wants to get better at my weaknesses and work on them.  But, in reality the time invested in my weaknesses when measured against my absolute strengths leaves a tremendous amount of opportunity cost on the table.  If you like math think about it this way.  If I spend 5 hours on a task where I’m only 50% as good as a talented individual I’m only getting a 2.5 hr return on my investment.  NOT GOOD.  If however, I invested 5 hours of my time on a task or project where I’m 3x (300%) better than others, I’ve now conquered 15 hours of achievement.  PS – I’m likely 10x happier in the second scenario as well.

Understanding what you are not, may feel hurtful and negative at the time.  It’s not.  Be honest and it will open your eyes.  I encourage you to take a step back from yourself and your ego (most of us have a one) and “let it go” like Elsa says.  To me personally, it was a tremendously eye opening experience and amazingly uplifting.  It’s also allowed me to say NO to many more things and focus my time and efforts.

Time is the only resource we all have the same amount of.  Why then are some ridiculously successful while others struggle solving someone else’s problems?

Words of Wisdom - from Gary V (it says 2012 but does it really matter?)

Words of Wisdom – from Gary V

ACTION ITEM: Please take a step back and find out what you are not and stop involving yourself in these activities IMMEDIATELY.  You will be less “busy” and more focused on the activities where you can make a massive impact




The “How To” Economy

Our economy is transforming into another age.

We once had the industrial age and the time of mass production and growth.  Then, we transformed as a society to an information economy and information-based existence.  Today, money and trust is changing hands in tidal waves of currency thanks to the web.


This is exactly why today I think we’re in a version of the information economy titled “How-To Economy”, and it’s one of the best times to be in business ever!  We, as a society, are consumers.  We consume information, content, and we’re doing it faster than Kobayashi consumes hot dogs.

Remember years ago when students relied solely on the “classroom experience” for learning?  There was one teacher and one text book shaping the minds of many of my classmates.  Some learned fast, some learned slower, but we all learned at pretty much the same pace.  The difference then was the dependency of what we learned rested on the shoulders of one educator or one book.  The loop was extremely closed.

Contrast this with today and the endless possibilities.  People are learning entire trades online without ever setting foot in a classroom.  I know people who are terrific photographers and they’ve learned their skills entirely online.  YouTube is reinventing what it means to be an educator.  Instead of speaking to classes of 20 or 30, one video has the possibilities to educate thousands or millions.  I learned how to launch my blog via numerous YouTube videos of people who have been there and done it.

We also have the ability to change the channel and learn from someone else in just seconds if we so choose.  We can juxtapose positions and arguments almost immediately and see both sides of the story for ourselves.  Our opportunities to learn are as limitless as our wi-fi connections allow.

I think about this from my own perspective and the post-graduate education available to ALL of us if we choose to consume it. Below is a list of possibilities to learn today:

  • Online training courses
  • E-Books
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Audiobooks

Each of these are available to us and each author has a unique experience to share with the world.  It’s not owned by one recording studio or one publishing house.  We are the publisher.  I am the publisher of this blog.  The only one stopping me is my own schedule.  If I need to learn a new skill or fine-tune one, the responsibility completely falls on me, not the teacher.

Here are a list of people I currently follow online who are doing a masterful job in building BIG businesses from their understanding of the How-To Economy.  I haven’t had the chance to meet these gentleman yet, but it’s definitely on the list.

  1. Pat Flynn & Smart Passive Income 
  2. Michael Hyatt & Platform
  3. Casey Graham

After reading all this, I’m not saying the education system is dead, or that the investment in a post-graduate education is wasteful, although I would think long and hard about my goals.  There are more options now than ever to create what you’ve been dreaming of and you can share it with dozens or a few million.

ACTION ITEM: I encourage you to continue your learning by writing down one or two new skills you’ve been wanting to tackle.  Go online and research the topic for a little while and then dive in head first for a week.  You’ll be amazed at the content available to you and the plethora of experiences others are willing to share.

The Power of an Agenda

I’ve always said, “expectations are dangerous.”  However, in this specific case I’d be 100% wrong.  Setting an agenda prior to a client visit is a mandatory step in a successful visit and I’ll tell you why.

Here are the FOUR KEY reasons why I know agendas are beneficial not only to you, but your client as well.

Reason #1 – In this specific case it’s a really REALLY good idea to set your client’s expectations.   Not many of us like to be dropped in on or surprised.  We’re all starved for time.  Please be sure you respect the client’s time.  This is a pet peeve I’ve heard by many a client lately.

Reason #2 – Setting an agenda lets your client know you’re prepared.   Obviously this means you show up with intentions to help your client’s business, so don’t under deliver on this.

Reason #3 – Send your agenda a day or two before your visit is scheduled.  This will allow the client time to review and you time to handle any last minute twists and turns to the schedule.

Reason #4 – BRING THE AGENDA TO THE MEETING.   Do you have a client who can’t seem to stay on task or on objective?  We all do.  Do your meetings take more turns than a formula one race car driver in Italy?  Bring the agenda to the meeting at present it again at the beginning of the meeting.  As you progress through the agenda physically cross off items of the list until you’re completed.  Do not leave with unattended objectives.  This one is on you, not them.  Own the agenda.

Here is what your agenda should include:

  1. Meeting Date
  2. Meeting location
  3. Meeting specifics (try to keep this to five or six bullet points)
  4. Ask the client if there is anything they’d like to add?
  5. Any other details you may need to share prior to showing up.

So with all this said, many of us are visual learners so I’ve included an example agenda I sent just a week ago.  Short and to the point.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 4.01.43 PM

ACTION ITEM:  Put what you learned to use.  Make sure your next meeting includes a solid agenda.  Be efficient and set expectations prior to showing up.  I guarantee your client will appreciate it and you’ll benefit by earning more of their respect.


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