Who is this blog for?  – A Keen Mind is for anyone committed to being elite.  Many of the posts will be extremely helpful to anyone with a client or client base.  Junior and senior account managers/account executives will better their client relationships and increase their income with the content shared here.

Why follow A KEEN MIND?  – I’ve invested 10+ years learning the right and wrong ways to maximize client relationships for lasting success.  Posts will focus on specific teaching tools I personally use for success.  I’ll also share specific media I follow to train my thinking including: scores of books, audiobooks, podcasts & blogs.

What will I learn?  – Every post is the result of lessons learned, success stories, and numerous failures incurred in my career and my personal life.  Many of the posts are complimented with action items for you to begin implementing immediately to better your client relationships, your income, and most importantly your mindset.

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