Give Give Give Strategy

I’m in the idea business.


The marketing world revolves around fresh ideas.  Success oftentimes follows the BIG idea or the breakthrough strategy delivering results for the client.  But that’s not all success follows.

I’m also in the business of: sales, sales training, education, mentorship, motivation, knowledge sharing, pastry delivery, ticket broker and anything relating to the next level of success or happiness for my clients.  If I’m truly committed to my clients’ successes, marketing can’t be the ONLY discipline worth sharing.

This is the give, give, give strategy.

Give more feedback, give a motivational video link, give more opportunities for growth, give more resources or knowledge so the client can benefit.   A word of warning to the greedy and self-centered.  This will not make you one penny directly today, but the indirect income I’ve earned over the years from this strategy is enormous.

There are three things every client on the face of the earth thinks before hiring you.  You must receive a resounding YES to all three to win.

  1. Do I like you?
  2. Do I trust you?
  3. Do I believe my money is best spent with you and your team?

One simple “No” response to any of these questions earns you the “We went another direction” email or phone call.  (THIS SUCKS)

Trust and relationships are forged over time and I believe that by giving all you have to offer, all your talents, all your knowledge and abilities, there stands the biggest room for success not only in the business, but in the relationship.  If you find yourself stuck in any client relationship I advise you to give more.  Then give more again.  It can’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.  History taught me great returns are earned from investing (Giving) a large amount upfront.

ACTION ITEM: Who can you give more to today?  If it’s not a client, make it a family member or friend in need.  Don’t give to expect something in return.  Do it because your passion demands it.

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