One Podcast a Day Keeps Mediocrity Away

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Look around you at this very moment.  There’s about a 50% chance you’re reading this on a smart phone, or if you’re reading it elsewhere, your phone is probably less than five feet from you.  Every where I go, my phone is with me, and so is my library of podcasts.

4 Reasons I LOVE podcasts:

  1. I can access my podcasts at all times either on my phone or laptop.
  2. They’re FREE (zip, zero, zilch).
  3. Freedom from schedule (stop, start, rewind, or listen 5x).
  4. I’m learning from those making it happen.

If I have a free 20-30 minutes, I can dial up some new knowledge via a podcast and feed my brian.  If you’re struggling to find time in that busy schedule to fit in some learning, I’m here to share with you when I listen to podcasts.  It isn’t a stretch to say I listen to at least one podcast per day.

  • Driving to and from work
  • On airplanes while traveling
  • In an airport
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Mowing the lawn or doing any yard work
  • In the shower or getting ready
  • While cooking or grilling
  • Any moment in the car
  • Doing housework (cleaning, vacuuming, folding clothes)

You get the picture?

Listening to a Podcast in my office

I subscribe to the podcasts I listen to via my iPhone and the Podcast App.  It looks like this.  As I mentioned earlier, it is 100% FREE.  If you were thinking cost would be an excuse, cross it off your list.  COST


If you’re interested in what I’m listening to, I have an image below of a few of these podcasts.  If you have a podcast you think I need to get on board with, please leave me a comment in the box below and I’ll gladly look it up.  I don’t listen to just one podcast or one personality.  In fact, I currently have eight because I want a variety of perspectives impacting my education.  My brain won’t grow by learning from only one perspective.  Furthermore, I won’t learn to challenge the thinking or processes of others.  I try to add/delete a new perspective after I start hearing the same thing from the publisher.

I’ll also share the genre of the podcasts I’m listening to.  I have two that are financial-based podcasts concerning money, risk, investment, retirement, real estate, etc.  There are about three to four more focused on digital media, marketing and the impact of digital business in the 21st century.  The last couple are focused on leadership.

If something were FREE, and you had unlimited access 24/7; the only thing stopping you, is YOU!


Zac's Podcasts

ACTION ITEM: Create a habit. Get started listening to podcasts this week.  Find one or two within a topic you’re interested in learning more about to begin your journey.  Many podcasts have been around for two or three years (some longer) and have scores of content to devour.

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