31 Days of Challenging Questions: Recap

First off, I must start this post with a sincere apology.

I didn’t realize til about a week ago the last three posts hadn’t gone out to the tribe for days 29, 30, and 31 of my challenging questions.  EPIC Fail.

I’m sincerely sorry and it lacks class.  Something I’m not proud of.

What happened, you wonder?  Life happened.  I was traveling and the big man upstairs welcomed home one of our family members (and his biggest supporters).  Mind you, if I was coaching myself I’d tell you these are excuses.  But, I’ve always been open to my readers and that’s the way it will continue.

Nonetheless, I wanted to recap the final three posts here and share a brief snippet about what I learned.

Day 29: Am I taking time today to appreciate and LIVE?

Day 29

Day 30: Am I thinking BIG enough?

Day 30


Day 31: How will I be remembered?Day 31

Recap:  This project meant a lot to me.  It’s also proved (short to my my last 3 day blunder) the people following this blog are hungry for more content like this.  I’d never done 31 days of straight content production and editing so I also learned a thing or two about time management and scaling a project like this.

I’ll leave you with this.  I had many more than 31 questions when I started my list.  I chose these because after some time reflecting these questions were the ones I was personally struggling to answer most.  Maybe this was the case for you, maybe it wasn’t.  The point is, I hope it caused you to take a moment and reflect.  I hope it left you feeling unsatisfied and energized to continue taking your next opportunity head on.

ACTION ITEM: Over the last 30+ days I’ve received numerous texts, emails, and mentions on phone conversations about this list.  Thank you!  Thank you for not being afraid to tell someone you appreciate their work.  Like they say in the airports, “if you see something (you appreciate), say something!”


31 Days of Challenging Questions: Day 27

DAY 27: Do the people I associate with believe in me?

Day 27

ACTION ITEM: I think this is an absolutely wonderful question.  Most every one of us works as part of a team.  Successful teams must believe in one another if they’re going to survive the challenging times (which we all know exist).  If you think you don’t know the answer to this question how would you find out?

Ask this question of someone on your team.  “I really need your help on a special project, can you help?”  Watch their body language…there is your answer.

31 Days of Challenging Questions: Day 26

DAY 26: Have I donated enough?

Day 26

ACTION ITEM: I’m guilty of having a selfish streak.  I get so caught up in what I’m doing I forget to be grateful and give back.  I need to ask this question of myself more often to make sure I’m doing what’s best for others and not just myself.   ~Sorry tribe, didn’t realize this was going to be a personal therapy session.

31 Days of Challenging Questions: Day 25

DAY 25: Have I made any crazy asks lately?

Day 25

ACTION ITEM: I really love this one.  Any time I’m reflecting and I get the feeling I’m playing it a little too safe I’m reminded to be bold, and ask for something OUT THERE.  Why?  Because the worst thing that can happen is the person can say no.  But, what if they didn’t entirely say no, and they met you half way?  What would happen then?


31 Days of Challenging Questions: Day 23

DAY 23: Am I continuing to meet new people?

Day 23

ACTION ITEM: I find myself guilty of becoming comfortable in the people I know.  I need to remind myself to continually get out there and meet new and exciting people.  People with fresh perspectives and experiences on life existing outside of my circle of influence.  Doing this almost always opens me up to new reading material, daily rituals, success strategies and viewpoints I hadn’t considered before.

31 Days of Challenging Questions: Day 22

DAY 22:  Is my work worthy of a raise?

Day 22

ACTION ITEM: A goal of many people is to “make more money.”  The next question that comes to mind is, how? If you’re like 95% of people who work for someone else, you have to earn it.  The surest way NOT to get paid is to go begging for it.  My philosophy on this topic has always been very simple.  Earn, then ask.  The ask becomes 10X easier when backed up by outstanding performance.

31 Days of Challenging Questions: Day 21

DAY 21: Am I investing 15% of my income before a bill is paid

It was bound to happen.  A simple oversight in the date and the day was missed.  I apologize to those who are getting this a few hours late.  Today will be a double post.

Day 21

ACTION ITEM: Financial health is extremely important and often overlooked.  I believe a person has to make  commitment to themselves and their future by paying themselves first.  A really good starting point for this is 15% of your income.  Not a mortgage, not a car payment, not credit card bills, YOU.  Your monthly budget starts after you get paid first.  No excuses.

31 Days of Challenging Questions: Day 20

DAY 20: Am I being the best version of myself today?

Day 20

ACTION ITEM: I don’t know how many times the answer to this question would be “No.”  But that’s the beauty of this 31 day process and this tribe.  We work to get a little bit better every day.  The late Jim Valvano said it best in his famous ESPY speech, “If you laugh, you think and you cry, that’s a full day!”