Normal is a Plague

Normal Distribution

Normal isn’t something most strive for, but then why do so many end up there?  Below I’ll give you my acronym for NORMAL and why its something we must fight against every day of our being.  I venture back to this acronym when I feel myself gravitating back to the status quo (this is no where near where I want to be).

N – Needy.  This person needs everything.  They need to be taken care of.  They need to make more money.  They need to get a new car.  The challenge I have with these needs is they’re most always superficial and the person committed to the need isn’t ready to make the sacrifice.  I also find there isn’t a great deal of appreciation for what they currently have.

O – Others fault.  I think this one causes me the most pain.  The normal people I see have everything happen “to” them.  Nothing is their own fault or the result of their actions (or lack thereof).  These are the finger pointers.  Except the old adage says, “when you point the finger there are four pointing back at you.”

R – Reactionary.  Normal people are reactionary.  It’s almost as proven as gravity.  Normal people don’t create, initiate, and certainly don’t make moves.  They wait for life to smack them in the face or for someone to tell them what’s next in this great event we call life.  This really sucks.  Take a step back and imagine living a normal life for the next 60-70 years except look at it from the perspective of someone telling you what to do the entire time.

M – Motionless.  Normal people lack activity.  I’m not calling them lazy, but there is no momentum being created in their lives.  Motion creates emotion and emotion is married with passion.  Passionate people rarely live normal lives.

A – Angry.  After a little thinking on this topic this one hit me like a frying pan to the forehead.  Normal people are angry.  They’re angry they can’t get what they want or perceive they want.  They’re mad at their boss, spouse, kids, job, you name it.   I promise you these “normal” people can be found at a local watering hole 5pm on a Friday.  They’ll be the one complaining angrily about what’s not going their way.  Have a beer, but STAY AWAY from these people.

L – Lack.  Normal people live in a state of lack.  Normal believe they lack: skills, toughness, money, resources, drive, happiness, and the list goes on.  They live with lack thoughts and lack the mental toughness to get out of the normal life.

Newsflash.  I didn’t one single time say normal people are bad people.  Normal is a choice, a lifestyle, a mindset.  It’s one i choose to run from at all cost, but one I’m not immune to.

ACTION ITEM: Normal thinking is popular and is easy to get drawn into (like a tractor beam).  Continue to develop your Keen Mind and realize when this is happening.  Ensure your thoughts and actions are moving away from the NORMAL as quickly as possible.

The Saturday Text

This is pretty simple but it remains a practice I utilize today.


I frequently work with clients whose business is retail sales.  That said, Saturday is always a big day for them.

One of the early practices I adopted was to email or text the general manager or owner the morning of their busiest day of the week.  I believe this accomplished a couple very important stamps in my client’s memory.

First off, I wasn’t just an 8 to 5’er, Monday through Friday guy.  I was invested in my client’s success and they were going to know about it.   Certainly they weren’t going to forget our team or me any time soon because I do this on most weekends.

Secondly, how many other vendors or partners were emailing or texting their client on Saturday?  The answer is easy, not many!  Elite people take actions the average will not.

If you’re stuck wondering what to say don’t over think it.  Examples of what these emails/texts could say are:

  1. Thinking about your team today and the numbers you’re going to do. Crush It!
  2. Looking forward to your team having a big day today.  I’ll be sure to follow up on Monday
  3. What’s the sales objective today?  Anything I can do to help?
  4. If you have access to client CRM and campaign data this one is REALLY AWESOME.  Make note of a specific customer or customers names where opportunities exist or appointments are scheduled.  Your client can’t even get his own people to do this!

A Keen Mind is about winning, creating a winning mindset, and by all means not taking average actions.  This is not an average move.   This simple tactic will position you as a true asset in your client’s mind.

If you think you’re immediately too busy for this activity, this blog isn’t the place for you.  I wish you the best.  Enjoy the Saturday morning cartoons because you were too busy to make an elite effort.

ACTION ITEM: The next opportunity you have, reach out to one of your clients via text or email on a Saturday morning.  Do not take more than five minutes.  Let them know you care.  If you get some feedback please share it with the tribe via a comment!

It Pays To Be A Winner

When I hear the word “ELITE” I immediately think of the US Navy SEALs.  I have an affinity for their leadership, training, focus, and commitment to each other.  One training tool I use frequently when I get in a rut mentally is the training videos of Navy SEALs BUDS Class 234.  It really gets me going.

One episode I’ve viewed numerous times (probably more than 20) is, “It Pays To Be A Winner.”


Remove the pushups, getting wet and sandy (horrible in the cold surf), lack of sleep, and what do you have?


Attention to detail.

Elite mental capacity.

If all you see is the rigorous physical nature of their process you’re missing a great deal of intelligence.  These elite warriors are training their minds.  The intense physicality of their training is a byproduct of consistent mental conditioning.  They learn the valuable lesson of getting comfortable in the uncomfortable.

This is much easier said than done in our civilian tribe, but it doesn’t mean we can’t apply the principles.  Former SEALs lead extremely successful careers by applying the teachings less than 1% of enrolled US service members will ever receive.

Apparently I’m not the only one interested in the teachings of the US Navy SEALs and Class 234 either.  I learned reading Hank Haney’s book, “The Big Miss” about the legendary Tiger Woods’ affinity for the SEALs and their mental acuity.

He routinely watched videos of Class 234.  He was even rumored to be training with SEAL teams but I’ll let your read about that. Now is Tiger the role model we strive to be?  Absolutely not.  But, when you think of the short list of athletes in complete ownership of the “mental game” Tiger Woods is on your list.  He knows, “It pays to be a winner!”

Tiger loves these teachings and I believe our tribe will as well.  If you’re driven by this video I invite you to view the others in the series and by all means share!

ACTION ITEM: Find an uncomfortable situation in the next week and insert yourself into the heart of it.  If you’re afraid, understand its ok.  Recognize the fear and channel it.  “Use it as aggression,” as the SEALs say!


Here is a link to purchase Hank Haney’s book, The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods