Stop Wishing for a Raise and Use These Four Steps

You want a raise? GREAT, so does everyone else!

 Wishing for a raise

Wishing for a raise

There is only one reason to read this post.  You believe deep down inside your belly you deserve to be paid more for your efforts.  I believe you.  You need to make more money.  It’s necessary for you, your spouse, and your family.

Did you know millions of people feel this very same way every day, and yet very few of them go home with the bump they were looking for.  They actually get more depressed because they don’t have a strategy to attack their climb.

So how do we get there?  First off, please stop with the word “deserve” in your plea for more coin.  I “deserve” a raise.  I feel like I deserve to drive a Ferrari, and yet, there is no Ferrari in the garage.  Deserving or not, this won’t get you the bump because it hasn’t produced results yet.

Four Steps to Getting a Pay Raise in 90 Days

  1. Alignment – For 99% of the workforce, getting paid more relies on someone else making the decision to pay you more money.  Therefore, we must understand the goals and visions of our company and more importantly our immediate team.  There isn’t a single manager in the world looking to pay someone more for making them look bad.  To get a raise, you must align your short term goals with goals of your manager or company.  I believe many people miss the mark on getting a better payday because they haven’t invested a minimal amount of time to determine these objectives.  They believe a raise is warranted for being busy, when this couldn’t be further from the truth.  This is the core and first step in claiming more cheddar on a money basis.
  2. Measurable – After you’ve determined two to three company goals you can personally impact, it’s time to add the powerful measurement objective.  If <this action> by <when>, I will receive <what>.  This should feel much better than having the vague conversation with your boss, “Sir, I’d like to discuss a pay raise.”  Also, please don’t think I’m talking to only salespeople.  They have a much easier path to getting a raise.  They should be able to give themselves one with a fair and accountable pay plan.  This advice is for everyone else who isn’t selling.   Lastly, don’t reveal these objectives to your boss just yet.  That’s what step three is for.
  3. Conversational – It is difficult to be in the position of a boss when someone says, “I’d like to discuss a raise.”  I feel it doesn’t put the employee or the employer in a good position for success.  It almost feels adversarial and you’re on the same team (hopefully).  So lets remove the tension and open the conversation.  It could go something like this.  “Mr. Boss Man, I’m looking to advance in my career and I’ve got a couple goals I’d love to share with you.  Do you have a minute?”  Assuming the answer is yes, move forward.  “I know as a company we are extremely focused on objectives 1, 2, and 3 correct?”  Reply – Yes.  “I believe I can positively impact these numbers in a great way in the next 90 days and I have a plan to do so.  In accomplishment of these objectives I’d love to discuss additional compensation for doing so.” Then sit there and shut up.  The conversation will begin and it will be much more organic and creative in terms of opportunities for additional compensation.
  4. CRUSH – Outside of alignment this is the second most missed tactic.  You can’t ask for more money and do mediocre work.  It’s just wrong and will feel extremely more lame to your boss.  If you align your target with the company goals, make it measurable, address it conversationally, but don’t deliver; it’s all for nothing.  You could actually SUCK at #1, 2, and 3 and still possibly get paid by crushing it.  I don’t advise going at it with this lack of planning or focus, but it actually can work and it’s why this is the last step. LEAVE NO DOUBT.  DELIVER.  CRUSH YOUR GOALS.

ACTION ITEM: I need you to start this process this week.  My goal with this post is to help one person, just one person make more money today!  You have 90 days to prove yourself and before you know it, the year will nearly be over.  The next thing I need you to do is share any successes you have with the tribe.  It will mean a great deal to me and the readers hearing from someone putting the practice to work.  Go get it!