Career Advice From My Four-Month-Old

Career Advice from Landon

Career Advice From My Son

A little over a week ago, my son turned four months old.  It’s crazy to think how fast time goes by.  I spend my evenings wondering how my wife and I could be so lucky to have him in our lives.  We stare for hours on end at this little gift and marvel at his ability to keep us occupied with little to no effort.

I got to thinking about what he’s already taught me in his short time here on this earth.  I came up with four career tips from my son I think we can all learn from.  We really can learn a lot from kids!

What can a four-month-old teach you?

  1. Scream When You are Hungry.  Landon doesn’t fuss often, but when he does, it is because he’s hungry and he’s going to let you know what he wants.  How does this relate?  I guarantee you’re hungry for something right now in your life or career, but you haven’t screamed to let anyone know it.  Although I don’t know if “screaming” will get you the desired outcome you’re looking for, I know my son knows how to get what he wants and he does it through communicating.  Try it.  You may be surprised what you can get after you tell someone it’s important to you.
  2. Sleep When You are Tired.  This one is pretty simple, but I believe it is often overlooked in a society that’s focused on “grinding” or busting ass for endless hours.  Get some rest.  You’re more pleasant to be around and your brain will operate at much higher levels.  Working until exhaustion will not win you a badge of honor.  Sleep when you are tired.  Take a nap if need be.
  3. Smile Easily and Often.  Children have the easiest of smiles.  They’re not jaded.  They’re not overwhelmed with stress and fear.  They just smile with a sort of big soul quality about them.  I think there is a lot to be admired by this quality.  Take a deep breath, smile for what you’re thankful for, and be more mindful of what really makes you happy.
  4. Playfulness Wins Attention.  Who gets the attention?  The grouch, or the charismatic, energy-enthused, young at heart person you know?  Children don’t even understand this because they wouldn’t spend their time any other way throughout the day.  They laugh, play, and are thrilled to learn new things and take on new challenges.  Do they have jobs and bills to pay?  No.  But is that all that’s really keeping you from being yourself and enjoying your craft? I doubt it.

Action Item: Take note of the four words below.

Scream. Sleep. Smile. Play.