Why a Mentor is a Must

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Think of what you’ve learned in the last year.  Now think about the last five years.

Chances are you learned some of it on your own(by making mistakes) and some just plain living life.  The rest may have been shown to you, like the first time you learned how to tie your shoes.  Think about that time for a moment; how exciting was it to learn a new skill?  What about mastering a new skill?  Human beings draw excitement, energy, and emotion from learning new things.

This is exactly why a mentor is a must.

A great mentor will provide insights for progress.  Progress is essential to human happiness, well-being, and an overall growth-focused mindset.  You show me a happy person, and I’ll likely find someone attacking new challenges with a tailwind of momentum behind them from previous victories.  If we were to discuss the latter side of happiness, I’ll show you a person stagnant, stuck in life’s challenges, and without direction.

A mentor will also help us refocus when we drift.  I was just listening to Michael Hyatt’s “This is Your Life” podcast and he addressed the topic of drift.  It’s a topic he just spoke on at the World Domination Summit just a short while ago.  From year to year, or even month to month we all experience drift in some form of our lives whether it be: spiritually, physically, mentally, or maritally.  Drift is a natural navigation or lack of focus away from our goals.  A great mentor will help you get back on the fast track.

If you’re interested in additional information on this topic here is an article by Inc Magazine, 6 Reasons You Need a Mentor.

On to the million dollar question.  How do I find a mentor?

Here are a couple of my personal recommendations when seeking mentorship.

  • Find someone who will give you inspiration, but also honest feedback
  • Find someone in your field you look up to or aspire to be
  • Find an individual genuinely interested in your success and more importantly growth
  • Find an leader who is gracious with their time

ACTION ITEM: If you don’t have one already, begin the mentor search.  It took me a couple years to hone in on the mentors I work with.  Secondly, aid the mentor’s process by sharing with them your life’s goals and aspirations.



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