Why Learning to Drive with Two Feet is Imperative


Think I’m a little goofy?

GOOD. It’s actually metaphor, but before we get there think about this for a moment. You’re in the cockpit of the sports car of your dreams.  A sleek, sexy, red, engineered speed machine with a full tank of gas and only you in the driver seat. Complete freedom is at your fingertips and feet.

But here is the problem. Actually it’s likely one of two problems.  One, you can’t get the car out of “P” (for park) because your foot is firmly planted on the brake. Or two, you stomp on the gas so hard and never let go resulting in the immediate crash of your adrenaline chariot.

What do you do now?


Had enough of the metaphor yet? For me personally the car is my brain (my idea and execution engine). The challenge for me (and maybe you) is keeping the engine revving at an efficient enough RPM to keep the wheels a turning, while being in control enough to react to the changes life throws at us.

The specific reason I relate the metaphor to driving with two feet is because at equal points in our day we may have to use both feet to drive at the same time.

One foot (the brake)– to slow down or stop. Continue asking questions, and dig deeper into a solution so it doesn’t spiral out of control producing too much speed crash before the idea can mature. Or quite frankly to punt on an idea and not waste the fuel on unneeded acceleration.

The other foot (the gas) – to speed up. Activity, energy, passion, relentless pursuit of goals, and inspiration.  All great things to use the accelerator pedal for.  Sometimes massive acceleration is needed to gain the momentum needed to see progress begin.

Either way, neither action is final and at multiple points throughout the day you’ll be using both feet to keep your momentum moving in a positive direction.  What I do recommend is not applying max pressure to the brake and the gas at the same time. This will cause paralysis, exhaustion, and (continuing with the metaphor) an empty tank.

This is my challenge every single day. My mind races and I’m in need of both pedals all day long. I’ve come to realize I thrive in this scenario. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that I’ve been able to rationalize and simplify the available next steps, they don’t feel so paralyzing.

Either choose the gas or the brake.  Choosing neither is the worst decision and as the decision is out of your control.

ACTION ITEM:  Do what’s needed to maintain momentum and make progress.  Even small progress is progress in the right direction.

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