Four Inefficiencies I Plan on Attacking

Four Inefficiencies

Four Inefficiencies

After some recent reflection, I put together a short list of four specific elements in my life I can greatly improve heading into 2016.  I use the word “greatly” because I’m not looking for simply one step up on the staircase of improvement.  I need to make big strides.

Why share? Because I believe it breeds accountability.

As I’ve written many times, I think getting to this point of awareness is not only healthy, it is entirely necessary.


  1. Attending Church.  My wife and I set a goal to become members of a church in 2015.  We did this and now I’ve got to take it to the next level. This next level not only means attending at least 3x per month, but also getting involved with groups within the church. This may sound ridiculous to some, but it’s true.  When I go to church, I feel better.  Selfishly, who doesn’t want to feel better?
  2. Serving the Community. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a room of 6th graders last week.  Many of the young boys in the class were without fathers when they went home that day from school. Odd thing, this school was within 10 miles of where I live and I’d never once been on the street let alone within a mile of the place. I hope to be back in that exact classroom in 2016 to spend time with those young men.
  3. Appreciation. I have a motor that is frequently set in GO MODE. In 2015 I took the time to become more grateful for all that has been given to me and my family. I have to remember to downshift into neutral and do this more often in 2016. My goal is to reflect every Sunday.
  4. Open my Ears. I’d really like to spend more time listening in 2016 to what I’d consider “mentors” in my life.  I don’t care if it is coffee, lunch, a beer after work, or a round of golf. I need to spend time with those who have walked the walk.

I set a reminder on my calendar on Sunday nights to review this list. Do me a favor and if you’re reading this, let technology be the guide. Don’t over think it.

ACTION ITEM: When considering your list, try not to focus on the “weaknesses” that are related to your talents or abilities. As I’ve written before, this could be a tremendous waste of time as the upside for the investment is likely limited. Instead, think about effort inefficiencies. These have a simple yes/no fix.