Be Brief. Be Brilliant. Be Gone.

Brilliant Planning

Be Brief. Be Brilliant. Be Gone.

This is something I learned from a colleague about seven or eight years ago and I’ll never forget it.  I had to share it with the tribe as I believe in my soul it will help you.

I want you to think back to your last client meeting, big project presentation, or conference call.  What was the first thing to go completely haywire?

I’m not even going to guess, I’m going to tell you it was everyone’s collective attention span.  It’s the reason I’ve learned to keep my blog posts to around 400 words or less.  People don’t have the focus to remain engaged for a duration much longer than this.

Be Brief. Be Brilliant. Be Gone.

There is genius in these words.  Today’s supercharged social economy has us glued to our smart phones alerting us with: snaps, score alerts, texts, insta-awesome photos, and god forbid email.

Here’s how I think this will help you in your career.  Your clients and teammates are busy.  Real busy.  This must be understood and respected.

Ways to be more brief:

  1. Show up with a plan.  A really well thought out plan with execution as the focus.
  2. Get to the point.
  3. Use powerful visuals to represent your story/case/value proposition. People believe what they see and not what they hear(I believe this with all of my heart).
  4. Solve a problem.  Have a clear understanding of the challenge at hand.

Ways to be more brilliant:

  1. Rehearse.
  2. Deliver your story with more passion (by rehearsing).
  3. Hold the team and work to very high standards.  Don’t show up with average.
  4. See your pitch from the client eyes first.  Where would they find fault in your offering?
  5. Show you care.

Lastly, be gone:

  1. Give them something to say yes, or possibly more importantly “NO” to.
  2. Ask for immediate feedback.
  3. Don’t linger.  Move along.

Be Brief.  Be Brilliant.  Be Gone. With more wins in your pocket!

ACTION ITEM: Please consider these tips for your next client meeting and/or pitch.  Your client or team is begging you to do this, but maybe they haven’t told you yet.