Hustle 2.0

Hustle.  What the heck is that?

An insanely popular word in business today, but not yet as overused as some other buzzwords.

I believe one individual is highly responsible for transforming this word from the sports world to the business universe.  That person is Gary Vaynerchuk.  Gary is a mentor of mine and yet we’ve never met (with the exception of him signing my copy of “Thank You Economy” while at a convention in Las Vegas).  I think he’s a pretty righteous dude.

Are you ready to HUSTLE?

Are you ready to HUSTLE?

If you don’t know Gary I’ve included a link here to a recent interview with Inc: How to be Mr. Hustle and Have a Life, Too.

Gary is a pretty famous cat, and frequently references the word “hustle” in his conversations with other entrepreneurs, business coaches, media outlets and his own company VaynerMedia.  What I think is seriously overlooked though is the definition of the word hustle and how it’s helped Gary amass a thriving company and extremely successful career in social media.

Lets entertain a couple definitions or uses for the word hustle.

1. Zac displayed great hustle by diving on the floor numerous times in tonights basketball game.  This instance of hustle defines another level of hard work.  Hustle = perspiration or effort.

2. Zac got hustled in a game of golf (happens from time to time).  This instance of hustle refers to me getting swindled.  Not a great feeling or association

So what is this “hustle” Gary talks about and how is it different from pouring sweat and pool tables?

I believe Gary uniquely defines his hustle by the level of engagement he’s willing to invest in himself and his company and the context it’s delivered in.  His hustle most definitely includes massive effort, but massive effort isn’t what defines his success.  Gary’s definition of hustle is in the micro conversations and hundreds of engagements he’s willing to support (every one of them with a purpose nonetheless).

The 2014 definition of Hustle 2.0 involves 50% effort and another 50% strategic execution.  Notice I said strategic execution and not planning.  Planning is great, but there are no results.  Execution is the down and dirty result.  Execute frequently with exceptional context and you’re on the Gary V track to HUSTLE 2.0.

ACTION ITEM: Hustle isn’t limited to only your effort in a given event or scenario.  It also has to do with your level of engagement.  Combine both ingredients to get a Gary V level of hustle happening in your life