Labor Day Advice from Sir Francis Drake

A day of rest is a wonderful time for reflection.

I came across this quote while reading a financial planning book last week and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I think I’ve read it 10x since.  I couldn’t think of a better day than today to share it.  Enjoy the day off, but never settle.

Sir Francis Drake circa 1596

Sir Francis Drake

Disturb us O Lord when we are too well pleased with ourselves, when our dreams have come true because we dreamed too little, when we arrived safely because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us O Lord, when with the abundance of things we possess we have lost our thirst for the waters of life: having fallen in love with life, we have ceased to dream of eternity.  And in our efforts to build a new earth, we have allowed our vision of the new Heaven to dim.

Disturb us O Lord, to dare more boldly, to venture to wider seas where storms will show your mastery; where losing sight of land, we shall find the stars.

We ask you to push back the horizons of our hopes; and to push us in the future in strength, courage, hope and love.
This we ask in the name of our Captain, who is Jesus Christ.

Sir Francis Drake’s prayer before he set out to be the first man to circumnavigate the world.  Portsmouth, England 1577.

I’m no sailer, but I am the captain of my ship for this one and only voyage.  I will keep this prayer with me for the remainder of my working days as a reminder to never get too comfortable.

ACTION ITEM: Share this thought with someone you care about who you know could be achieving more.  This could be just the piece of motivation they need.